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Diablo 3 Hack compte Battle.net sécurité

Diablo III

Suite au piratage de plusieurs comptes sur Diablo III, Blizzard prévient la communauté du danger et la renseigne sur les moyens de protéger son compte.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous deux messages, un de Lylirra et un de Bashiok concernant les mesures à suivre si votre compte est hack, ou tout simplement mal protégé. En résumé :

- Rendez-vous sur cette page pour vous renseigner sur les différents moyens mis à votre disposition pour protéger votre compte du mieux possible

- Même si le Battle.net Authentificator n'est pas 100% fiable, il reste le meilleur moyen de protéger son compte.

- Un nouveau service, le Battle.net SMS Protect, vous permettra de débloquer un compte Diablo 3 volé, même principe que pour votre compte WoW. Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ce système, aller voir ce message.

- Si votre compte est piraté, rendez-vous immédiatement sur cette page et suivez la procédure.

- Blizzard vous rappelle qu'aucun système de protection n'est infaillible, mais qu'ils font tout leur possible pour protéger vos comptes du mieux qu'il peuvent et vous les rendre au plus vite si vous êtes hack.


Lylirra sur Sécurité du compte Battle.net et Diablo III (Source)

We'd like to take a moment to address the recent reports that suggested that Battle.net® and Diablo® III may have been compromised. Historically, the release of a new game -- such as a World of Warcraft® expansion -- will result in an increase in reports of individual account compromises, and that's exactly what we're seeing now with Diablo III. We know how frustrating it can be to become the victim of account theft, and as always, we're dedicated to doing everything we can to help our players keep their Battle.net accounts safe -- and we appreciate everyone who's doing their part to help protect their accounts as well. You can read about ways to help keep your account secure, along with some of the internal and external measures we have in place to help us achieve our security goals, at our account security website here :

We also wanted to reassure you that the Battle.net Authenticator and Battle.net Mobile Authenticator (a free app for iPhone and Android devices) continue to be some of the most effective measures we offer to help players protect themselves against account compromises, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of them. In addition, we also recently introduced a new service called Battle.net SMS Protect, which allows you to use your text-enabled cell phone to unlock a locked Battle.net account, recover your account name, approve a password reset, or remove a lost Authenticator. Optionally, you can set up the Battle.net SMS Protect system to send you a text message whenever unusual activity is detected on your account, keeping you aware of important (and possibly unwanted) changes.

For more information on the Authenticator, visit

For more on the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator, visit

For more on Battle.net SMS Protect, visit

We also have other measures built into Battle.net to help protect players. Occasionally, when Battle.net detects unusual login activity that differs from your normal behavior -- such as logging in from an unfamiliar location -- we may prompt you for additional information (such as the answer to one of your security questions) and/or require you to perform a password reset through the Battle.net website. World of Warcraft players might be familiar with this security method already, and Diablo III players may begin to encounter it as well.

As always, if you think you've been the victim of an account compromise, head to the "Help! I've Been Hacked!" tool at http://us.battle.net/en/security/help for assistance.


Bashiok sur Sécurité du compte Battle.net et Diablo III (Source)

We've been taking the situation extremely seriously from the start, and have done everything possible to verify how and in what circumstances these compromises are occurring. Despite the claims and theories being made, we have yet to find any situations in which a person's account was not compromised through traditional means of someone else logging into their account through the use of their password. While the authenticator isn't a 100% guarantee of account security, we have yet to investigate a compromise report in which an authenticator was attached beforehand.

If your account has been hacked, please view the previous post for information on contacting our support department.

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