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SC2 : Millenium accueille fOrGG


Le Coréen est le nouveau joueur Millenium Starcraft 2


The arrival of a new player at Millenium is not a surprise to most of you, due to many clues foreshadowing the exciting news. This news comes hardly three months shy after the arrival of Dragon in our line-up. A new recruit further strengthens the workforce in early summer, by none other than one of the Brood War legends Park "fOrGG" Ji Soo.

Park Ji Soo is none other than one of 15 winners of the Brood War based, MSL tournament won by the legendary likes of Flash or Bisu. He announced he had retired in late December 2010, before changing his mind and playing Starcraft 2 in July 2011 under the pseudonym "Raptor".

Our Terran player's rises to the spotlight as he competes in Code A this season. He has been a constant presence in either Code S or Code A, defeating players such as Sage, Polt, and July.

The entire Millennium team is delighted by the arrival of Park "fOrGG" Ji Soo, who will bring a touch of experience to the team to get closer to our goals. You'll see the end in Code A and OSL in the coming weeks, but also with the team STLG TSL to try to win the title of Supreme Team!

fOrGG achievments (SC2/BW) :

- Qualification Code S GSL 2012 saison 1
- Qualification Code A GSL 2012 November
- ESV TV Korean Weekly 12
- Arena MBCGame Starleague


The new Line-up Millenium.SC2 :

Rémy "Llewellys" Chanson (Manager)

dsd Jérémy "Feast" Vansnick
dsd Benoît "Adel" Strypsteen
dsd Leif "KleeneX" Boutin
dsd Faton "LaLuSh" Rekathati
dsd Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri
dsd Tomasz "Tarson" Boroń
dsd Marcin "DieStar" Wieczorek
dsd Jeon "Dragon" Yong Soo
dsd Park "fOrGG" Ji Soo


This is the first official interview of Millenium fOrGG :


Credit : NeverGG

How do you feel right now as a new member of a foreign team?

I'm both happy and nervous because this event marks the second major starting point of my pro-gaming career.

Why did you choose to join Millenium?

Millenium is a prestigious team that houses players like the world-renowned Stephano. I also chose this team because I think it will also be easy for me to adapt to the team since there is a fellow Korean player, Dragon.

What do you expect in the future as a member of Millenium ?

I would like to be a first-class global player as good as Stephano to produce good results in various tournaments.

Do you prefer fOrGG or Fin? What do your IDs mean?

I will be using the ID fOrGG. The ID stands for the hope to produce good matches (goodgame) in every game I play.

You will be the very first player in Millenium who will play in the GSL. How do you feel this about this new season ?

I feel as though I will acquire good results as a representative of Millenium.

Are you going to come visit France and the Millenium House once you have some time after GSL?

I plan on joining my other members at the team house as soon as possible.

Do you think you will attempt foreign tournaments now that you are a member of a foreign team?

I would like to attend as many tournaments as I possibly can.

What do you know and think about your new teammates? Is there anyone you would like to practice with?

I'm not familiar with neither Stephano nor Dragon yet, but I hope we can become friends soon when I join the team house.

What are your predictions and what do you hope to achieve in near future?

I need to win, of course.

Are there any last things you would like to say? Would you like to say something to both your fellow Korean teammate Dragon, and to the Millenium Fans?

I'm aware that Dragon has joined Millenium prior to my recruitment and has been both playing and adjusting well to the new environment. He has helped me a lot in the past and I hope he continues to assist me when I join the team house. I will practice hard and produce good results so that I can live up to the Millenium fans' expectations. I would like to ask for your support/cheering.


En savoir plus sur l'auteur



eSport Web Manager de Millenium <3 voyages et les pizzas ! Suivez moi sur Twitter et Facebook



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  • pipo59, a écrit 12/09/2012 à 22h46 :

    rien a dire belle recru , vivement le remplaçant de stephano ^^
  • pipo59, a écrit 25/07/2012 à 14h22 :

    vivement des stream etc a la M house ^^
  • GrinZee, a écrit 30/06/2012 à 10h02 :

    Encore une fois, Llewellys abat un travail monstrueux.
    Félicitations et "Welcome to MForGG"
  • Powercrush, a écrit 29/06/2012 à 00h10 :

    GG Millenium, GG LwL. C'est vraiment un joueur qui va apporter un plus à l'équipe, déjà rien qu'en clan war, la line-up a vraiment de la gueule avec Stephano, ForGG, un Adel tjrs impérial en clan war + un Feast à son meilleur niveau, ça sent les perfs.
    Quant à forGG : Welcome ForGG ! With the opportunity to play outside Korea and to play more tournaments, I hope and I think you will get a lot of trophies in 1v1 and, of course, also with the team Millenium. GL and GOGO kicker des ass.
  • Thorrgal, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 15h51 :

    Dragon se sentira moins seul en tant que coréen^^
  • Roof29, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 14h47 :

    Faudrais des chaussettes Millenium pour Stephano.
  • Orange_BuD, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 14h30 :

    Fin une veste ou autre chose en tout cas je trouve le maillot millenium peu craignos parmis les autres dans les tournois inter quoi
  • FoUsTy, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 13h07 :

    Putin! Même une version KR de l'article! Ca rigole plus du tout la !
  • Gooze, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 13h03 :

    Faut recruter Jean Paul gauthier pour la veste Millenium ;p
  • Hermesio, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 11h37 :

    Au début, n'étant pas un spécialiste de la scène BW (a part les bonjwa, je connais personne) je me suis dis "Who The F.. frogg???" et après avoir compris que c'était Fin, là j'ai compris que M venais de faire son premier gros pas en avant vers une plus forte présence à l'international. J'aurais préféré Supernova mais c'est déjà un très bon joueur qui pourra faire très mal dans les tns inter (surtout europééns, la MLG et autres gros tns US sont full de top Kor) et en GSTL. J'avais vraiment peur que M soit la seul team à se retrouver sans une part du gateau OGS. Enfin autre chose que du Stephano pour M!! GG Llewelys!!
  • Hadamer, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 11h29 :

    Welcome! jolie recrue!
  • Mun Su, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 11h12 : les archives de son stream :D
  • Dark34, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 11h05 :

    Bonne nouvelle, on verra se qu'il va faire, mais vu son pédigré, ça devrait le faire! :D
    GL à lui!
  • Mun Su, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 11h01 :

    +100 la veste!
  • Hylven, a écrit 28/06/2012 à 10h22 :

    Bonne idée la veste pour associer une certaine "french touch" à Millenium lors des évènements internationnaux ;)

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