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Statement on the Stephano situation


Greetings everyone,


As you may now know, it has been announced yesterday that Stephano had been hired by team Complexity, and a few hours later, that he had finally decided to sign a permanent position contract with us, Millenium, under conditions previously fixed with him (without any intermediate overbidding).

Although we are very confident that, from a legal point of view, Millenium isn’t violating any applicable rule or law, we would also like to emphasize our good will to see this situation solved the right way.

We now want to enter a discussion phase with coL to try and find a solution consistent with the professionalism and respectful practices in the growing scene of eSport that both structures wish to promote and support. If anything, this unfortunate series of event has pointed out the impending necessity to ease worldwide communication between structures, and players, to avoid this kind of situation from ever occurring again.

To our fans and to all the people supporting eSport in general, we want to thank you for your everlasting support and for your interest in the values that should be carried by eSport structures.

As for the people who may have been disappointed, shocked or offended, we would like you to understand that Internet gossip is not always ground truth, and that things are often more complicated than they might seem to be. We would like to apologize for the long time it took us to release a statement, but the last two days have been very stressful and exhausting for everyone involved. In addition, very practical difficulties ranging from busy schedules to time differences partially account for some of the mistakes or misunderstandings that might have led to this complicated situation.

Hoping that you will understand us,


The Millenium Staff


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