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Mardi 31 juillet 2012


Le Démoniste a eu droit a une profonde refonte à Mists of Pandaria, et d'un build à l'autre beaucoup de ses techniques peuvent changer. Taepsilum liste les dernières nouveautés en date, ainsi que le débat sur le nouveau sort de Peur du Démoniste :

- Le glyphe Everlasting Affliction offrait un énorme gain de DPS, les développeurs ne veulent pas que les glyphes en soient, donc les effets du glyphe est intégré dans un talent de classe : Pandemic. Et le glyphe a droit a une refonte en quelque chose de totalement différent.

- Drain d'âme inflige le double de dégâts sous 20% de vie.

- La spé Affliction était bien trop puissante, donc ses techniques ont vu leur puissance diminuée d'environ 20%.

- Les changements faits à Malefic Grasp n'ont pas du tout pour but d'en diminuer la puissance.

- Les calculs faits par la communauté indiquent que la spé Démonologie est devant les deux autres en terme de DPS. Les développeurs étudient cela en interne avant de modifier davantage.

- Nightfall possède à présent 0.5% de chances de proc, et 5.7% sur les DoT.

- Le fait qu'un nouveau sort de Peur sans temps d'incantation mais avec 10 secondes de temps de recharge ait été ajouté au Démoniste est quelque chose de surveillé de près par les Développeurs. Il n'est pas du tout certain que dans le nouvel environnement de Mists of pandaria, avec tous ses nouveaux talents, cela s'avère trop puissant. Que cela soit en PvP ou en PvE.


Taepsilum sur Changements du Démoniste sur la Bêta (Traduction - Source)

As some of you may have noticed, there's already some notes about the latest beta build out there.

Here's a short summary if you don't want to read all those threads:

- The Everlasting Affliction glyph was providing a huge DPS increase, but we don’t want huge DPS increases to come from glyphs.

- Instead of simply nerfing the glyph, we baked the benefits that the glyph provided into the entire class via Pandemic, a level 90 passive ability, and changed the glyph to something completely different.

- Drain Soul still deals double damage under 20%. It being missing from the new tooltip is just a tooltip error and has been corrected for the next build.

- The 25% nerf to most Affliction-specific abilities should amount to a ~20% nerf. This is indeed a rather extreme amount, because they really were that extremely overpowered.

- The Malefic Grasp mechanic change should not be a nerf at all.

- The community simulation results of this new build are showing Affliction and Destruction very close with Demonology significantly ahead. We’re also seeing that internally, though not quite as extreme. We’re investigating to see what discrepancy there is there, and how much of an adjustment is in order.

- Nightfall is a 0.5% stacking proc chance now (~5.7% proc chance over time).
That’s not intended to be a nerf to the frequency that Nightfall procs because you’re getting roughly twice as many chances per second to proc Nightfall as before.

These changes come after devs realized some numbers were simply off. The game is still in beta, it is expected and completely normal for this to happen and it's usually in the latest stages of development that this kind of fine-tuning gets more attention.
While we take players feedback very seriously, it's important to understand that these changes are not a direct consequence of any complaints about warlocks being overpowered. Changes are done to the game only after getting everything thoroughly checked out and verified internally. External data helps us a lot with directing our attention to subjects that possibly otherwise we could miss or be slower at fixing, but never work as a basis for a direct change.

Talks about numbers. Ignores the Instant Spammable 8 second fears elephant in the room.
I understand and share your concerns with giving warlocks another instant fear, but on the other hand MoP adds and changes a lot of abilities to all the other classes, and we can't think of any new spell independently from everything else. I wouldn’t dare to claim that this is unbalanced until I actually experience it in a good testing environment, and that means playing vs all classes with players that are already experienced with all of the new MoP abilities.
You can be sure devs are paying very close attention to both the PvE and PvP side of MoP, we’re still a long time away from the final version, and there’s still enough time to change anything related to tuning.

Also, making fear instant or castable matters little for PvE, while for PvP it makes a huge difference. So you can be sure that on a spell that is clearly directed at PvP, developers will make sure it feels balanced, and they do take a lot of the feedback from the community when deciding this type of changes, so if you guys actually provide good, sensible reasons, if possible backed up by data, as to why do you think an instant fear with 10 sec cd in the environment of MoP, considering all the new variables that MoP's content brings in, every new kind of synergy that will exist between classes, etc… and after that you still think the ability is overpowered, then I’m sure you’ll get their attention and if it turns out they agree with you, I’m sure a new patch will come fixing the issue.

We're all free to speculate about how every new change in the beta affects PvP Balance, but I'd wait a bit more before jumping into conclusions about how some class will be OP in the final version, there's still a long way to go, and if you want to help us out, we really do appreciate it if you could stop by the beta feedback forum and gives us your constructive input..


Raiden Robin


Mercredi 23 mai 2012


Quelques joueurs se sont posé la question sur la place du Démoniste en raid, au vue de sa consommation de mana chez les soigneurs, qui doivent garder un oeil sur lui, suite à ses connexions.

Si certains ont une utilisation abusive ou mal timé de ce sort, cela peut devenir gênant. Ghostcrawler est toutefois intervenu à ce sujet pour indiquer qu'il n'avait encore jamais entendu parler de Démoniste qui se fasse refuser un groupe ou raid parce qu'ils consomment le mana du/des soigneurs.

Il précise malgré tout qu'actuellement sur le client bêta, la consommation de mana du Démoniste affliction est 2 fois plus importante que ce qu'elle devrait être et part conséquente que le sort de Connexion est utilisé plus qu'il ne devrait être. Les changements effectués sur Connexion, et la correction future de ce bug devrait faire revenir les choses à la normale.

Un autre point évoqué par Ghostcrawler concerne le multi-dot et les classes pouvant le faire, notamment le Démoniste.

Il faut bien entendu mettre de côté les cas où les gens multi-dot tout ce qui bouge juste pour monter au « dpsmeter » avec une grande partie de ce DPS qui est inutile.

Pour les cas où il y a 2 ou 3 cibles à DPS, le joueur doit faire un choix entre maintenir ses DoT sur toutes les cibles ou utiliser des sorts conventionnels sur une seule. Le DPS du Démoniste sera supérieur à celui d'un mêlée qui « cleave » si les mobs sont séparés mais inférieurs s'ils sont rassemblés (PvE ou PvP).

Pour les développeurs, le multi-dot devient trop puissant quand les joueurs se contentent de DoT tout ce qui est possible plutôt que de DPS mono. De plus si les joueurs ne font plus que du multi-dot il faut revoir leur puissance en mono-cible et certaines statistiques deviennent inutiles dans ce cas là. C'est quelque chose que les développeurs ne veulent pas. Il y aura toujours des rencontres qui avantageront légèrement les classes à burst et d'autres qui seront en faveur des classes à DoT. Blizzard veut cependant éviter le stacking de classe pour certaines rencontres (ce qui pour le moment n'a pas forcément été efficace)


Ghostcrawler sur Consommation de la mana des soigneurs (Source)

I think all of this is the same issue that I addressed (or attempted to) the other day. Is it possible to have a situation where warlocks are so constantly hovering near death's door that they are a liability? Yes, it's possible. Do we want that? Of course not. On live today, groups don't generally hesitate to bring warlocks for fear of draining healer mana, unless the locks are really bad and tend to Life Tap just before the dragon breathes or whatever.

Affliction mana costs are about twice as high as they need to be on beta right now, which causes warlocks to have to Life Tap too frequently and worry too much how to offset that health loss through talents and other self-healing. Once Life Tap gets down towards more moderate uses, I think a lot of these concerns will go away.

We know some players are also worried that Life Tap won't scale well at higher gear levels when mana use per time is higher, but we've already made a change to Life Tap to convert 15% of health into mana (instead of consuming 15% health to grant 20% max mana). This will probably mean that you Life Tap a little less at high gear levels, which is what happens on live. But it's fine and often a little fun for high levels of gear to convey such perks, and we only need to worry about it until the final tier of gear in Mists, at which point if history is any indication, everything resets and all bets on scaling are off.


Ghostcrawler sur Multi-DoT (Source)

Multi-dotting is one of those mechanics that provides a benefit to dot specs (especially Affliction, Shadow and Balance) and we're not trying to kill it. We do need to keep it under control however. When there are 2-3 targets then players have some decisions about whether to spend their GCDs focused on one target or trying to keep dots up on multiple targets. Doing so can mess with the rotation, in a good way, and as I said, it's one of those mechanics that makes dots feel different from cast time spells.

The benefit of multi-dotting depends a lot on the situation -- the dot classes can out-perform the melee cleave guys when targets aren't clumped and the melee tend to do a lot better when they are. The value of multi-dotting in PvP depends a lot on the power of dispels, and I don't think anyone has a good feel yet for how that is going to play out. (Our intent, once again, is to make dispelling in PvP more strategic and less spammy so that you can remove things when you need to, but anything dispellable isn't immediately regarded as worthless.)

When multi-dotting becomes broken, in our minds, is when a dot class would rather try to maintain dots on many targets at once rather than focus on single targets at all because they end up doing more damage from just dotting. (Let's assume for the sake of argument that such damage is useful and isn't just trying to win meters at the expense of beating the encounter.) When multi-dotting large numbers of targets becomes too good, we have several problems. For one, we have to choose how to balance the dot specs. Do we just let them be overpowered when there are many targets? Do we make them weak against single-targets to compensate? Casting too many dots also comes at the expense of cast time spells, which means that stats and mechanics that benefit cast time are less attractive and the casters themselves are too good at moving and too hard to interrupt.

It's too early to worry about whether Affliction, Balance or Shadow will be the best multi-dotter, or whether such a title is even worth much. In an ideal world there will be situations that benefit each so that the classes don't play too similarly but don't convey such an advantage that players feel like they need to stack the right class for the right encounter.



Lundi 21 mai 2012


Nouveau message de la part de Ghostcrawler sur les soucis de mana que peuvent rencontrer les démonistes, notamment en spé affliction :


Ghostcrawler sur Problème de mana (Traduction - Source)

Nous pensons que les coûts en mana en Démonologie sont bons, et bien entendu, en Destruction cela marche de façon totalement différente maintenant. Pour l'affliction, nous sommes d'accord que les coûts en mana sont trop élevés. Comme l'ont indiqué certaines personnes, il y a aussi un bug sur les sorts canalisés, notamment Malefic Grasp, qui charge un tick supplémentaire à la fin. Ce qui n'aide vraiment pas.

Nous pensons que Connexion comme moyen de regagner du mana marche bien, et rempli ce rôle depuis longtemps maintenant. Par contre, sur la bêta les démonistes Affliction passent bien trop de temps à utiliser ce sort.



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