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English version - SC2 : MSI Pro Cup #2

SC2 : MSI Pro Cup #2
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MSI Pro cup 2

After the success of their previous edition where we saw the victory of Stephano over Kas, MSI decide to renew their event but this time with more prize money and players. It will be in a single elimination bracket  with 14 players fighting for a total of 1000€.

Since they managed to reach the previous final, Stephano and Kas will be our two first invited player. They will also receive seed #1 and #2.


MSI Pro Cup #2


Major changes :

- 14 players including 2 seeds directly qualified for round 2

- Cash prize : 1000 € instead of 500 €

- 3 great evenings instead of 2

Cash prize (offered by MSI) :

- 1st place : 700 €

- 2nd place : 200 €

- 3rd & 4th place : 50 €

Dates :

Bracket scheduled program

Players :

14 players will participate. They will be announced everyday until the beginning of the tournament. Stephano and Kas are the first known.

New players announced :


White-Ra is one of the oldest Starcraft 2 circuit player, but his playing skill is still one of the best in the World. That's why he participated to GSL World, beat the korea MC, over the top at this moment. Probably tanks to his "Special Tactics"....

Shoutcraft invitationnal #3
IGN Pro League #2
DH Stokholm invitationnal
IEM Kiev 2011
HomeStory Cup #2
Blizcon 2010

ToD left Millenium for Fnatic to go live his dream in Korea, country where he will represent France for WCG. He can do the very best when he fully trains, like in MLG where he beat Alicia. He will be a mighty opponent for each player participating.

- ESL Pro Series
- WCG Qualifier France
- Atomic RE-SO 2011
- Millenium Cup
- eOSL Summer 2011

Dimaga, who recently won Lan Assembly Summer, where he dominated everyone, is one of the 3 best Zergs in Europe. He was one of the first since beta to regulary win weekly cups. In addition of being excellent, he's one of the most sympathetic plyaer you can find.

Lan Assembly Summer
Gigabyte Cup Final
Asus Spring 2011
- Top 4 Blizzcon 2010
- Selected at GSL World
- ESET SUmmer Master 2011

Phoenix is a recently relocated korean player. After a time in team Reign, the Zerg player had moved in Germany in early september. He is hoping to find great success in the european ladder and leagues with Typ II Gaming Team.

2 Go4SC2 US
Map of th Month #7
Polar Fluke July
- Top 4 Qualifier IEM NY
- Top 32 GSL Open saison 2

Strelok was one of the best broodWar player and is now one of the best of Wings of Liberty. Playing for team imba.FXOpen, the Terran have a very perfect style with good timings that helped him to win a lot of onlines cups.

- Qualified for IPL 3
- Qualified for IEM China and IEM New York
- Qualified for NASL final
HD World tournament
- Top 4 Gamers Assembly

elfi is a old Warcraft 3 player who's now revealed by two qualification for next steps of IEM. He was first playing for french team Virus Gaming before he signed up for Team Acer. The Protoss player will go to Korea for the next WCG.

- Qualified for IEM China and IEM New York
WCG Finland Qualifier
- Top 8 Lan Asembly Summer
5 Zotac Cup
Gigabyte Cup #1

ThorZAIN has switched from the status of "very good W3 player" to SC2 Star since his TSL 3 victory and his further results. He des not participate too much in online competitions but this great player honors us by coming at the MSI Pro Cup #2.

- DH Valencia
- 4e IGN Pro League 2 Invitationnal EU
- Top 12 MLG Colombus

MaNa is the best polish Protoss, and one of the best in Europe. Already well-known since Broodwar, he made his first high result at DH Winter 2011, finishing 2nd. From some months, the polish player chains up the good results even if he fails to reach the highest step, but it should happen very soon.

IEM Cologne 2011
IGN Pro League 2
Lan Assembly Summer
Homestory Cup 2
DH Winter 2010

Adel is one of the best french players and really reveals himself to European level with good online results like TSL3, but also live results like DH Winter or l'Assembly Winterf. He likes to develop unique strategies to beat his opponent, like his victory versus MVP at TSL3.

- Top 8 TSL 3
3 Go4SC2
EPS saison 10
LDLC Summer Trophy
Gamers Assembly
Lan Assembly Winter

Nerchio is one of the best Zerg in Europe at the moment. He plays rarely in live, but online he's really hot. For a while in the french team aAa, he's now part of team Acer where his friend and coach Kaoru is. Expect him in the top positions.

- IGN Pro League 2
- Dreamhack Cointoss Tournament
- Shoucraft Invitational #1
- Dailymotion Cup
- A lot of weekly tournaments

HasuObs is a regular player with results all over Europe (Italia, France, Spain). He's hot at the moment with for instance a recent win in the Winamax Challenge vs Stephano.

- ESL Pro Serie Deutchland 2011
- 4th TSL 3
- Medion Gamer Assembly trophy
- Torneo ESL Starcraft 2
- Ultimate Gaming Championship

Tarson is the third guest of the tournament. Very regular player online rewarded with many podiums, he never won great events offline. During last MSI Pro Cup, he was beaten by Stephano in semi-final on the closed score of 3 to 2.

- He won many Go4SC2 and Zotac
- 4th IEM Cologne 2010
- 4th IEM Kiev 2011

Kas is an awesome oppenent performing always good achievements online (more than 60 podium in tournaments). Nevertheless, he never won offline. It could happened in Köln's IEM where he's a competitor.

MSI Pro Cup #1
Copenhagen Games
- Sk Champion Trophy July
- Gigabyte # 4
- Grubby Starcraft Pro Series Invitational

Stephano is the second guest of the tournament. His recent performances on the european scene have allowed him to face the best players. Besides, he defeated Huk and Sen during this period.

- Qualified for the IPL 3
MSI Pro Cup #1
Lan Assembly Summer
Champion of France Masters
Tournament Medion Lille
- Top 6 Homestory Cup


You will be able to follow all the tournament in real time on Millenium TV.

Stay tuned !

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Galrien il y a 7 ans

Ces gens qui crient à l'imba une semaine même pas après un patch..

LHistrion il y a 7 ans

J'espère qu'on aura droit d'avoir les replays. (et de la MSI Cup n°1 par la même occasion)

Yce il y a 7 ans

Excellente cup ! Avec un Nerchio qui aura montré un jeu plus sympa que jeudi ! <br /> Vivement la prochaine MSI Pro Cup !

HapLo il y a 7 ans

Super sympa cette cup ! On en veut d'autres :)

Chloroplaste il y a 7 ans

ça c'est du fil info ! pas comme twitter crap

Aless il y a 7 ans

Aucun terran en demi...<br /> PROTOSS IMBA !

algue il y a 7 ans

C'est marrant , stephano se fait presque toujours sortir par Mana dans les grands event :/<br /> Sinon pitié pas du Pvp en finale !

ogs il y a 7 ans

0 terrans en demi depuis le patch est sorti je n'ai tjrs pas vu un terran win en match officiel. Wtf bli l'équipe de wow a switch ou quoi il y a 7 ans

Et il est où Stephano le 1er pgm en france?

Mikapika il y a 7 ans

HasuObs m'a fait une très grosse impression...<br /> Et je pense qu'on ne va pas tarder à crier "immo imba!!"

maggrig il y a 7 ans

jmise sur mana moi, au hazard :D

RoranRock il y a 7 ans

thorzain bat deux protoss à la DH valencia et dit alors que le TvP est son meilleur match-up, et là il perd contre hasuobs. L'allemand a aussi battu stephano 3-1 lors du defi winamax et la il bat dimaga ! Je le vois bien gagner cette MSI pro cup #2

Khonsou il y a 7 ans

Ce serait à mon avis une bonne chose de laisser un replay pack avec la cup histoire de voir si la communauté anglophone prendra l'initiative de commenter les parties. Egalement sur TL l'écran qui reprend le stream M est assez mal documenté.

Galrien il y a 7 ans

La cup des 2-0

Jonnyboy il y a 7 ans

gg dimaga !!

Queldur il y a 7 ans

Plateau de Shakouras ? Shakuras :)

pipo59 il y a 7 ans

pauvre adel contre thorzain

Lazzi il y a 7 ans

Personne ne sait quand un patch sort .

rwa il y a 7 ans

dommage que certains matchs soient jouées avant MAJ 1.4 et d'autres après , mais où est l'équité ?? bon avec 2 PVP ça pose un peu moins de soucis mais l'organisateur aurait pu en tenir compte !

Grezglin il y a 7 ans

@SugarX concernant la musique Jack avait posté la reponse, c'est :<br /> <br /> "The Servant - Cells" en version instru'. elle fait partie de la soundtrack de "Sin City" : [url][/url] "


En Continu

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13:40 Offre de stage rémunéré : Community manager
13:45 Blizzard Europe : 134 employés pourraient être licenciés
11:21 Warcraft III : notre dossier pour le 16e anniversaire
11:25 Les données marquantes du bilan 3ème trimestre Activision-Blizzard
18:20 Blizzcon 2018 : principales annonces, résultats esport
16:07 Zeratul, nouveau commandant en Coop
20:54 Blizzcon 2018 : toutes annonces de la cérémonie d'ouverture
09:51 Mike Morhaime remplacé par J. Allen Brack en tant que président de Blizzard
10:51 L'héritage de WarCraft III et son avenir



Nouveau Leak Overwatch : Sigma, le héros 31 se révèle un peu plus
La nouvelle extension Throne of Eldraine commence son teasing !


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