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Équipe pro Millenium.LoL


Focus sur la nouvelle équipe professionnelle Millenium.LoL

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Millenium is proud to reveal its new professional LoL team. Created by and around Doigby, who will be the captain and the toplaner, this line-up includes ShLaYa as midlaner, Nanouk as AD Carry, Migxa as Support and Obvious, danish player and only foreigner of the team, as Jungler.


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Jean-Marc "Bjoran" remains the eSport manager of the team. Here is a few word focus on this new team, with in addition, statements of Cedric Page, CEO of Millenium and Remy "Llewellys" Chanson, eSport manager of Millenium.

Cédric « Cedrix » Page on Millenium.LoL welcomes a new line-up

When you are a fan, you support your team, even when you feel the team is not going well or it doesn't have the level wanted ...

So maybe I'm not the most objective person to talk about our new League of Legends team ... However, I think that this new project unites motivation, maturity and enough talent to live a great adventure, which is just getting started.

Rémy « Llewellys » Chanson on Millenium.LoL welcomes a new line-up

To the sceptical people, I invite you to check the everyday training of the players and appreciate their determination to give everything. In addition, my role will be to guarantee every necessary support the team will need to achieve its objectives.

To the enthusiastic people, I thank them for their support. Many proposals have been made to Millenium, by well knowned teams. The choice was made in favor of Doigby's project, because we thought it was the most ambitious and in the same time, the most community oriented.

Let the adventure begin !

Players :

http://www.millenium.org/upload/flag_fr.gif Doigby

Capitaine et Toplaner : Arif « Doigby » Akin

Nationality : French
Age : 21 years old
Role : Solotop and Captain
Signed : June 5th 2013

Doigby is far from being unknown by Millenium community. Streamer and Shoutcaster well-liked when he arrived on MTV2, he succeded, thanks to his fidelity and envy, gaining the trust of our structure to give him the project of creating our new LoL professional team. Rightly considered as one of the best french players, he will play as Solotop, which is his main role and the one he played when he was captain of GSU Axe team. Captain of our new team, he will impose his swag and will try to blast the competition in the road of LCS season 4.


http://www.millenium.org/upload/flag_fr.gif ShLaYa

Midlaner : Tony « ShLaYa » Carmona

Nationality : French
Age : 22 years old
Role : Midlaner
Signed : June 5th 2013

Not a stranger neither for the french community, ShLaYa is a historical player of French League of Legends scene. After playing as AD Carry for Fureur, Jungler for SYPHER and Midlaner for Eclypsia and more recently for *aAa*, with whom he played the LCS Spring. This whole champion will put all his experience in the new Millenium project and we hope he will bring his beneficial aura to the team and to all the french community.



http://www.millenium.org/upload/flag_dk.gif Obvious

Jungler : Dennis « Obvious » Sørensen

Nationality : Danish
Age : 18 years old
Role : Jungler
Signed : June 5th 2013

He is the only foreign player of this new line-up. In spite of his lack of high level experience, never been in a prestigious team for example, he convinced Doigby more than anybody. Smart and efficient Jungler, he is best knowned as Niimt, and he will make early game calls for this new line-up. Even though he doesn't speak french, he had no problem founding his spot in the team and he will be for sure, a determining element of the team's success.



http://www.millenium.org/upload/flag_fr.gif Migxa

Support : Maxime « Migxa » Poinssot

Nationality : French
Age : 18 years old
Role : Support
Signed : June 5th 2013

This young support is not really well known on the french community of LoL and yet, he was in the Top 15 Ladder EUW during season 2 and first support, he also played for 5 months for TCM, failing to qualify for LCS Summer. Wishing to sail to new horizons, he convinced Doigby thanks to his excellent game vision and experience he gained by playing with his TCM AD Carry, Nanouk.


http://www.millenium.org/upload/flag_fr.gif Nanouk

AD Carry : Charles « Nanouk » Le Mero

Nationality : French
Age : 18 years old
Role : AD Carry
Signed : June 5th 2013

Migxa partner for nearly a year, Nanouk has shown some strong performances as AD Carry in TCM Gaming roster these past 6 months. Previous AD Carry for teams, such as Taupes Hello, BLAST or Phantoms Gaming, he have the difficult mission to replace Creaton, but he have the qualities to do so, that's why Doigby trusted him for this important role.

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