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BabyKnight rejoint Millenium


Le joueur Protoss danois rejoint l'équipe StarCraft 2 de Millenium

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Jon « BabyKnight » Andersen, new Millenium player

[M] Nazca : Hello BabyKnight ! First of, welcome to Millenium ! What made you choose our team ?

[M] BabyKnight : I have been searching for a new team for about 1 month now. I talked to various people as well as players on various teams. After searching for a while I had found the right fit to be Millenium. It seems like an awesome team and I'm happy that I can be a part of it. I hope and believe that I will feel at home quite quickly. :)

You've been on a sort of European tour of teams, first Na'Vi then eSahara which merged with Absolute Legends then FXO which merged wiht Na'Vi again, and now Millenium, all that in like a year and a half... I guess you're looking for stability ?

The first time I joined Na'Vi was a time when they didn't really wanna invest into SC2. I wanted to go full time but they just couldn't support that. However I stayed with them for quite a while, until they finally shut down the SC2 team. Then I joined eSahara, which was great at first but when they merged with AbsoluteDisaster the scam quickly ruined the team and resulted in disbandment. 1 year ago, I joined FXO.Europe, I was really happy about that. I was doing pretty well at the time, but after joining FXO I started doing even better. I was really happy with FXO for a long time, but recently they merged with Na'Vi and it seems like Na'Vi still doesn't care too much about SC2. That said, it was never a terrible experience, I just feel like moving on to something new would be really good for me. Also, they will be fully Russian(speaking) now which I think fits them better.

What else are you seeking within Millenium ?

I'm seeking good communication from the management, and good (friendly) teammates to talk to and the ability to travel to international (with focus on european) tournaments.

You are pretty friends with Dayshi and you do know MaddeLisk from your Absolute Disaster time :P. Have they influenced you in the decision ?

Yes. They most certainly have! I have spoken to Dayshi quite a bit and he's a really nice guy (as long as he isn't whining about TvP on ladder :D)! MaddeLisk influenced my decision even moreso, she was the one I spoke to the most when I was on AL. I am happy to be on team with her once again, she's always so happy and nice to talk to. <3

You're not without knowing, I guess, that Millenium was lacking a strong Protoss player, especially for the clanwars like Acer Teamstory Cup. You have been a very successful DotA player as well. Are team competitions something that you're particularly looking forward ?

Actually, ironically, one of the reasons I switched from DotA to SC2 was to play a game where I only had myself to blame if I lost. :D

In general, I do prefer individual leagues, but I definitely don't mind being part of something that I'm not the only one to control, as long as I'll feel at home in Millenium I believe it will be an awesome experience. :)

Talking about home, we have a Gaming House in Marseille. Are you planning to spend some time there in the future ?

I would love to visit it !

Last question. You'll be playing in Premier League of WCS Europe this season as well. So are you going to bring that purple shirt of ours to the offline event or what ?

FUCK YEAH (as long as I'll get me one in time XD)

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