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Interview Goswser


À peine revenu en France, Goswser se livre à nous au travers de quelques questions

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[M] DamCx : Hi Michael. Thanks for your time. First of all, how are you?

[M] Goswser : I'm doing great :)

You landed in France on Monday. Are you happy to be back at the Gaming House ?

Yes, from here it will be a lot easier to train with my teammates from Millenium. I'm excited, because practicing with them from the US, there is a lot of latency problems.

We didn't see you a lot, lately. How do you explain we don't see you as much as before?

Hm well I was fairly busy. I was practicing hard, visiting some friends, I even attended a LAN where I won a computer during my time in the US, but I guess to french fans I wasn't as visible lately. I'll make sure you guys see lots of me soon!

That sounds cool. Congratulations for the LAN ! How comes you barely take part to Clan Wars ? Is it because of the time difference, or is it because of your specific kind of training ?

So far I've played 3 matches for Millenium in Acer TeamStory Cup, but in all I lost to Protoss players so I think Llewellys is not confident in using me in them maybe. I will work hard to restore confidence in me in upcoming weeks. Also with ForGG destroying everyone, and Dayshi and Feast playing very solidly as well, sometimes we win without needing me :)

Yes, we could say Millenium is almost an only Terran players team (laughs). Thank you for your answer. Now, let's talk a bit more about the game. One month after the release of Heart of the Swarm, what are your thoughts about the game?

I think I'm slowly starting to piece together how to play each matchup. I think there are still some small imbalances, but I think that Zerg can compete with Protoss and Terran. I wish ZvZ wasn't so much Mutalisk though.

Would you say that your transision between WoL and Hots was harsh, or smooth?

I think for every Zerg besides maybe Life it was a harsh transition.

The next big tournament you will be attending is DreamHack Stockholm. What are your expectations for this tournament, given that it will be crowded with lots of strong Korean players ?

Making it to Ro64 will be easy, but Ro32 might be very hard because of how difficult this tournament is. I think some of the groups will be very hard, but I think I can make it through to Ro32 if I play well.

For your first group stage, you will be with 2 Terrans and a Protoss, quite unknown on the European Scene. How will you prepare yourself for this first group ?

I will just prepare in general since the only player I know from this group is Fuzer. I will practice to deal with Fuzer's style some, but cannot prepare well for the players I don't know.

Ok. Now let's talk about the WCS. You have been invited to the WCS North America, how are you feeling about that ?

Hm I am happy to get an invite to premier league. I wish I had been invited to Premier League for Europe though, it is much easier. I have heard rumors that I might play IdrA first in my group though, so if this is true I am happy :).

Speaking about your group, Polt and IdrA are in it. They are both players you already won against. Moreover, during the Gigabyte Tournament, you won 2-1 against Liquid TaeJa, who is in an extremly good shape. Does it make you confident about your group ?

Having IdrA in the group would make any player confident. Polt is stronger than TaeJa however, I think he is one of the scariest Terran players right now.

About the WCS America, the last 8 available seeds have been won by 8 Korean players. What do you think about that ?

It was expected. Most of the good NA players were already seeded into Premier League. I think Blizzard should have region locked the WCS tournaments though, it makes me kind of sad.

How far do you expect to go in the Season 1, and more generally over all the WCS Seasons ? Do you expect to reach the Global Finals ?

There are too many Koreans for me to reach the Global Finals. My immediate goal is just to make Ro16, then we'll see what I can do from there.

Thank you for your time, and your answers. Do you want to add something to conclude this interview?

Just that I will work hard to show good results in WCS and in the future events for Millenium :). Thank you guys for supporting me !


You can follow [M]Goswser on Facebook and on Twitter.

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