Magic Arena : Nouvelle carte exclusive dévoilée par Millenium
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Only few months after its Magic Arena site's opening, Millenium is proud to introduce a brand new card of the Magic 2019 edition. But let's move to the card itself : Mystic Archaeologist.

3UU : Draw two cards

For 5 mana (including 2 blue), this Mystic Archaeologist allows you to draw twice. This is a pretty expensive cost, but played in the mid or late game, this could be very helpful in order to recycle your deck.

A few words about Magic 2019

As you can see, the text is pretty simple and the capacity easy to use, even for the new players. Indeed, Wizards tries to make the experience easier for the new players, and the best moment to become part of the Magic the Gathering adventure is one of these basis editions. In these ones, Wizards makes former cards great again and creates some new ones too, like the Mystic Archaeologist we just introduced. The point is to make everyone familiar with the Magic's 25-years-old lore and to add cards which can help countering dominating decks.

Magic 2019 is meant to be an edition which will lead the players to know about the famous Nichol Bolas and his secrets. He'll transform into a planeswalker as soon as he'll be exiled.

Magic 2019's release

Every new basis edition is an opportunity to grab the cards on Magic Arena, but also to come back to your Magic local shop. Indeed, many preview events will be scheduled during early July. Magic 2019 will be also available on Magic Arena on the 20th of July and the "paper" version on the 13th.

Wizards facilite l'accès à la bêta de Magic Arena

Vous avez fait la demande pour une clé bêta Magic Arena il y a déjà quelques temps et vous n'avez jamais eu de réponse ? Wizards of the Coast met à votre disposition un moyen plus sûr et rapide d'accéder à la bêta encore fermée de son jeu.

Toutes les cartes de Magic 2019 sont maintenant dévoilées !

Toutes les cartes de l'édition Magic 2019 sont ici. Les voici pour les plus curieux d'entre vous, puisqu'elles seront directement incorporées à Magic Arena dans six semaines environ.