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English Version - MarkyB rejoint la Team Millenium COD

MarkyB rejoint la Team Millenium COD
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After recruiting Jordy "Krnage" Mercier as captain of Millenium's Advanced Warfare roster and Samy "Samishh" Mazouzi as manager, Millenium is extremely proud to annouce Mark « MarkyB » Bryceland as a new member of the pro team.

For those who don't know him, MarkyB co-dominated Europe with TCM during the most part of the last two seasons and even more on Call of Duty: Ghosts. He now holds the best ranking of a European team on US soil. He also ranks among the European players who have earned the most in his career. Clearly, MarkyB is an experienced player who does everything to win, and fits perfectly with the objectives that Krnage, Samishh and Millenium have set. We wish the best to our new player and we hope you'll warmly welcome him in our new squad.


Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland about joining Millenium Pro-Team


Hello Millenium. I'm Mark Bryceland, Call of Duty pro player since several years now. And today I'm very pleased to talk about my future.

It's an honour to be a part of such a prestigious organisation like Millenium. I'd like to thank my new teammate and my manager, Jordy and Samishh, for the opportunity.

I hope to bring home Championships to the Millenium organisation ! Thanks in advance for all your support.


You can Follow MarkyB on : Twitter 




Millenium MarkyB


MarkyB's Achievements

 of Insomnia 50

 of qualifications EU COD Championship 2014

 of many online tournaments (Gfinity, Gamebattles / MLG, EGL ...)

 of EGL League

 of Electronic Sport World Cup 2014 (ESWC)

 of Gfinity 1

 of DreamHack Valencia 2013

 of Insomnia 51

 of EGL 12

of FCO

 of MLG Anaheim 

 of EGL 13

Top 4 of Insomnia 46 on Modern Warfare 3 

Top 4 of Insomnia 49 on Black Ops 2

Top 4 of Battle of Amsterdam on Modern Warfare 3

Top 4 of 'EGL 11 on Black Ops 2

Top 5 of l'EGL 10 on Black Ops 2

Top 7 of l'Insomnia 47 on Black Ops 2

Top 7 of l'EGL 9 on Black Ops 2

Top 7 of ReflexGT 7 on Modern Warfare 3

Top 9 of COD Championship 2014

Top 9 of ReflexGT 6 on Modern Warfare 3

Top 9-12 of Gfinity 2

Top 9-12 of Gfinity 3

Top 9-12 of MLG Colombus on Black Ops 2

Top 17-24 of EGL 7 on Modern Warfare 3

Top 17-24 of EGL 8 on Modern Warfare 3

Top 24-32 of EGL 4 on Black Ops

Top 25-32 of EGL 5 on Modern Warfare 3

Top 33-42 of ECL 3 on Black Ops


Samy « Samishh » Mazouzi about the arrival of MarkyB in Millenium

I'm very please to work with a player such as MarkyB. He shares the same goals and vision as us and I'm sure his contribution will be beneficial to this project !

This player has demonstrated his leadership skills during the last season. What better than one of the best In-Game English Leader in this team to allow Jordy "Krnage" to learn and focus on his main task, which is winning ?



  • Version Française
  • English Version
TwinSlash il y a 9 ans

C'est bien d'affirmer des choses quand on ne sait pas Riflex, ça montre le niveau Reddit.

pipo59 il y a 9 ans

beau recrutement gg les mecs , gl pour la suite

Riflex il y a 9 ans

Les deux derniers joueurs sont Melo(Français) et Jake(anglais).


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