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Patch note officiel - Overwatch, mode compétitif & saison 1

Overwatch, mode compétitif & saison 1
Patch note officiel
  • Phase finale

Overwatch, PTR & mode compétitif

Blizzard vient de poster le patch note présent sur le serveur de test (PTR) qui devrait arriver avec la sortie du mode compétitif d'ici quelques jours.

[Traduction en cours]

Overwatch Overwatch, Patch note(Source)

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes available for testing on the PTR. While the PTR is PC-only, many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the forthcoming retail patch.


New Feature: Competitive Play

Once you hit level 25, you'll have access to our newest feature: Competitive Play. This mode was designed to be a more serious experience, allowing players to hone their skills and perfect their strategies. But before diving into the fray, you'll need to play 10 placement matches. These will allow our matchmaking system to gather enough information about your abilities to assign a skill rating.

With your newly acquired skill rating, you'll be matched against players of a similar ability level. And if you play well and win games, the competition will become increasingly fierce throughout the two-and-a-half-month season. Plus, your performance will be rewarded with unique in-game items like sprays, player icons, and Competitive Points (which can be traded in for cosmetic Golden Weapons).

We've also made a number of changes to Overwatch's match format for Competitive Play. Some of these changes are simple interface changes, while others ensure that maps and modes don't favor one side or another—plus we've added a sudden death mechanic that ensures tied games are broken as fairly as possible.

Because Competitive Play is more serious in nature, we want to make sure that player behavior is acceptable. This means that the penalties are more severe than in the Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! modes. Leaving a game early or stepping away from your computer will make you ineligible to join a game until the previous game has ended, and continued infractions could result in restrictions or removal from Competitive Play.



Gamepad Controls

Players can now swap the left and right sticks on a control pad
"Legacy" controls option has been added:
Left stick up/down moves forward/backward
Left stick left/right turns left/right
Right stick up/down aims up/down (these can be inverted)
Right stick left/right strafes left/right
Sticks can also be switched
Improved dead-zone controls, giving players increased accuracy during off-center and diagonal stick movement


When activating Widowmaker's Ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, her voice line will now be audible map-wide
"Weapons" section added to the Hero Gallery
Added McCree as an AI hero in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI, and Custom Game modes
Added a variety of a social options to the hero selection and end of match screens
Removed "Prefer"/"Avoid" player system




Fixed a bug that would cause players' weapons to auto-snap straight up or down when the crosshair was aimed between 85 and 90 degrees
Fixed a bug that caused players who backfilled and then completed a game to sometimes receive a loss on their Career Profile and not receive their XP bonus for backfilling
Fixed a bug that would move players toward the source of a knockback rather than away from it
Fixed a bug that caused Hearthstone-themed sprays to ignore localization
Fixed several framerate issues that could occur when cycling through the hero selection menu
Fixed a variety of issues with and made several improvements to ambient lighting
Made some improvements to how AI heroes respond to one another
Made a variety of performance and optimization improvements across the game
Unicode keys for non-English keyboards are now displayed properly in the keybinding interface


Players can no longer be resurrected in out-of-play areas on Ilios


Fixed a bug with the "Junkrat RIP-Tire Kills—Average" lifetime statistic
Fixed a bug that allowed some projectiles to shoot through Reinhardt's Barrier Field
Fixed a bug that allowed Torbjörn to pick up Scrap while dead

  • Phase finale
  • Patch note officiel
Ash  - Rédacteur en Chef

Rédacteur en Chef

PreDaTor il y a 7 ans

J'ai fini mes dix matchs de placements et je n'ai pas reçu l'Icone de joueur et le tag. On le recevra a la fin de la saison ?

Tgaud il y a 7 ans

tjrs rien sur le 21:9 ...


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