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Fnatic clearly dominated this European S3 with two victories both in Spring and Summer Split. Young frenchman Paul « sOAZ » Boyer was selected to participate in All Stars after a famous 1v1 against Wickd, and claimed the title of best toplaner in the world during the tournament. Fnatic made it up to the semi finals at Worlds in the end of the Season. Interview with one of the worlds top player.


RVinceZ : This is indubitably a very successful season for you. Congrats. What are your expectations for season 4?

sOAZ : My expectations for season 4 would be to do as well as in season 3, or even better.

That's all we wish you! Let's talk about Worlds. Are you satisfied with your performance or do you think you could've done better?

I think we could've won against Royal, so I'm a little bit disappointed about that, but weren't ready to play against them especially when it came to the picks/bans, but besides that, it was a good run, so I'm quite happy.

You played alongside Puszu at Worlds, and after the tournament Rekkles joined you. How is this comeback going? We saw you playing with him during IEM Cologne.

We had already played with him before, we just need to get used to his champions pool, and that's it, since everybody is playing on a new patch we all get to start over.

We'll get back to the preseason changes later, of course. Concerning transfers, what is your opinion about all these changes amongst LCS teams, even across continents? Bjergsen signed up for TSM, Dexter is taking over to jungle for CLG, Edward's coming back, and SK and NiP have completely new rosters...

I think Bjergsen took a good decision, and he will benefit a lot from it. Dexter is on a trial period but I think he will be fine since he's a very good jungler, we'll just have to see if he can adapt to the new patch. SK... no comment. As for NiP, stronk lineup incoming.

Okay. The preseason is in full swing, and the numerous changes in the game are impacting the pro scene. How do you cope with all this? What do you like or dislike?

For me it's 50/50, the top meta hasn't changed much, it's always the same champions. The warding system is interesting, so... wait and see.

We see tons of Dr. Mundo, Rengar or Olaf, thanks to the new defensive skill tree masteries. What do you think about them?

Mundo is quite situational, powerful against tanks and AP, but relies too much on the matchup and if it's a 1v2 situation. Same goes for Rengar, but Olaf might be played again on toplane, yup!

You'll be facing C9 during the Battle of the Atlantic. You already beat them at Worlds. What do you expect from this confrontation, with patch 3.14 and with the hype around Cloud 9 gone?

Nothing much really, as I said all the teams are starting over so... wait and see.

Recently you took part in IEM Cologne, where you lost in final against Gambit Gaming, on the old patch. How is Edward's return impacting Gambit's gameplay? Were Voidle and Darker really beneath him?

I think they were both as talented as him, but maybe Edward is giving more to his team when it comes to making calls or something else, no sé!

I assume you are following the Up&Down qualifiers that will happen at the same time as Battle of the Atlantic. Copenhagen Wolves, KMT and Supa Hot Crew already qualified and will take on NiP, SK and MYM. According to you, which of these teams will earn their sports in LCS, knowing that LCS teams get to pick their opponent?

I would say Copenhagen Wolves and NiP, as for the rest I don't know.

Alright! Thank you Soaz for the interview, and good luck to you and your team for the incoming season, starting with the Battle of the Atlantic. The last word is for you!

Thank you for the interview and thanks to all the people from France following us.

You can follow sOAZ on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Interview in English

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