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WoW : Raids de Mists of Pandaria


Raids de MoP : Contenu, difficulté, boss

Mists of Pandaria

Depuis que les développeurs se sont mis à nerfer les instances de raid d'une façon ou l'autre quelques mois après leur sortie, une partie des joueurs les plus performants en terme d'avancée PvE HL se plaignent qu'au final il n'y a pas de véritable moyen de différencier les joueurs qui sont venus à bout du contenu lorsqu'il était au sommet de sa difficulté des joueurs l'ayant fait avec le Buff de zone ou grâce à l'équipement des paliers de raid suivant.

À Mists of Pandaria un compromis semble avoir été trouvé avec l'ajout des Tours de Force spéciaux, les "Cutting Edge" qu'on pourrait traduire par "À la pointe" (de l'avancée ou de la progression) en français.

Ces Tours de Force récompenseront donc les joueurs venant à bout du dernier boss d'une instance de Raid en mode Héroïque sans le Buff/Debuff de zone actif (qui réduit la difficulté) et AVANT la sortie du palier de raid suivant.

La base donnée de WoWhead a déjà répertorié les trois tours de force du Palier de Raid 14 (les raids du début de Mists of Pandaria).



Ces derniers seront donc désactivés et impossible à obtenir après la sortie du Palier de Raid 15, lorsque de l'équipement plus puissant sera facilement disponible. De nouveaux Tours de Force similaires seront alors introduits pour le palier de raid suivant, et ainsi de suite.

Précisons que ces Tours de Force ne concernent que le dernier boss de chaque instance, et qu'ils ne sont pas accompagnés d'un titre.


Draztal sur Tours de Force récompensant l'avancée PvE HL avant les nerfs à Mists of Pandaria (Source)

They are adding a FoS for killing heroic bosses in MoP without the nerf. One can only hope that this FoS will disappear once the next tier comes out, otherwise it's a pretty pointless feat of strength.
Yes, those feats of strentgh you mention are the "Cutting Edge" achievements that you may have seen already in some fansites. The idea the developers have right now is that these won't be available once a new raid tier is introduced.

And currently the intention of the developers is to stick with these for future raid tiers.

I have always wondered why on earth blizzard releases % based nerfs that lower the difficulty of a fight through a buff or debuff. I mean by the time the nerfs are released ppl are hardly even geared in normal gear. Wouldn’t a better way to nerf content be to up the drop chance of items in the normal version? After all items are just another way of giving players a buff. Items are supposed to be the hidden in game nerfing that happens all the time jet it seems to hold no weight anymore.

When the time comes where blizzard says ok we have to nerf a raid zone now, they could increase the drop chance of loot in normal to maybe double of what usually drops(or more) then you will gear people faster and they will then be able to enter heroics. This way you are not making normal mode irrelevant to players, your actually making it more relevant.

You buffs/nerfs will be player/guild based and more importantly it will not feel like blizzard is stepping in and dumbing down the fights for you. You still killed the fight unnerfed just like the best guilds, it just took a bit longer.
The decision to implement the debuff is driven by the data the devs have access to. They can see participation and progression and how the numbers change every week in regards to completion rate.

And that data showed them that a large number of raiders was stuck at some point in their progression for multiple weeks and participation was declining.

The developers are aware that not everyone will agree with them (which is something I'll touch a bit later on this reply), but it's important to point out that they're making informed decisions based on comprehensive stats. And those stats tend to validate their reasoning for implementing the debuff/increasing it.

As I've mentioned on this thread in the past, the most advanced raiders that either rarely encounter something they can consider a true block in their progression or can work on them for weeks perceive the debuff as a nerf to content that is already doable (which it certainly is, for them), but it's not reasonable to ask the same from the majority of casual raiding guilds that would like to progress. Those players can't really wipe for weeks or months on a given boss without eventually giving up.

The developers feel it's better, overall, to make those goals in your progression feel more attainable over time before that discouragement to keep raiding comes into play.

Simple answer is of course that they don't know. All that stuff about devs and data is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The planned debuffs are well proclaimed months in advance for one reason only. To keep the majority of the player base subscribed through yet another carrot on a stick.

Boss too hard? "Don't worry lads and lasses it gets nerfed in two weeks time". Ah thats alright then, back to faceroll.
You ask for answers, you get them. And since you don't like them, you just conclude that it's a diversion and that you know what's truly going on. I wonder, why are you replying to the thread, then? I mean, I have the feeling that then, no matter what we say, it's a lost argument unless we say what you want to read. It certainly feels that way.

1.Will there be an achievement or are they planning an achievement for clearing all bosses of the raid on heroic without nerfs? (Cutting the Edge Heroic: for example).

2. Will the be any title rewards from these FoS achievements or are there any plans?
Both questions have the same answer, there're no plans right now.


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