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Lilbow's PvZ - Le PvZ de Lilbow

Le PvZ de Lilbow
Lilbow's PvZ
  • Le PvZ de Lilbow

PvZ tutorial by Lilbow


Lilbow is considered as one of the best French players and without any doubt the best Protoss. While he is training at the Millenium House, Lilbow decided to share with us a simplified version of his favorite build order versus Zerg. With a victory rate higher than 72,5% in Protoss versus Zerg, the French Protoss is a reference in this match-up and often beats Koreans players.

This tutorial is aimed at players with an advanced level and good knowledge of the Protoss race.


Lilbow's macrogame PvZ



This build's focus is to produce a sentry-stalker based army to put pressure on the Zerg player while scouting his army composition in order to adapt and potentially destroy him while safely reaching 200 supply.












@100% Gate

Cybernetics Core



@100% Cybernetics Core

Mothership Core

@100 minerals

Pylon wall (natural)

@75 minerals

Second gas (main)


Stalker (1 chronoboost)

@50 Gas


@100% Stalker



Gate x2 (wall natural)


Pylon (wall natural)


Forge (finish the wall at your natural)


Gas n°3 and 4

@100% Gates B2

Sentry x3 since the gates

@100% Warpgate

Warp Sentry x2 and Zealot


Photon Cannon (behind wall natural)


Nexus at the Third + Pylon x2

@250 Gas

Sentry x2 + Stalker

@100% Pylons B3

Photon Cannon + Gate + Twilight Council (wall 3rd)


Robotics Facility and Gate x4 (go up to 8 Gates) and saturate your 3rd



- When scouting with your probe, check your opponent's gas timing. If he takes it before expanding (10/10 or 14/14) then build a pylon and two gates to wall your main. Build your second nexus quickly if he doesn't commit too much and then push out with your sentries, zealots and mothership core once the wall of your natural is finished.


- If he expands at a regular timing, a stalker/mothership core pressure can protect you against every single kind of agression. Make sure to change your rally point when you are producing Sentries.


- The composition and the size of your wall depends on the map. Ideally, you should avoid to expose your tech buildings.


- Use your chronoboosts solely for Probe production until you saturate both your bases. Then use the chrono on the forge, blink upgrade or on your gateways if the Zerg is aggressive.


- Once your third base is done, send a hallucination to scout your opponent's strategy. If he is already producing an army, adopt a defensive stance. If he is making drones, play aggressively and, in case of overextension use recall with your mothership core.


- After 10 minutes 30, send hallucinations two by two if you want to anticipate your ennemy's composition and have the possibility to adapt. Send them continuously : whenever your hallucinations die, create new ones. Take the information permanently and adapt accordingly.


Follow up ...


Against Mutalisk : You have to build two stargates and two photon cannons on each of your bases. A fleet beacon can be used to have a better range on your phoenixes. Be careful of trade base strategies, sometimes used by Zerg players using this composition.


Against Roach/Hydralisk or mass Roaches : You will have to intensively produce stalkers, build 3 or even 4 cannons in your second base and warp sentries. Keep your photon overcharge for the defense of the natural. Your wall has to be resistant since you'll want to place your army at your third base. Indeed, your main army has to stay at the third and not move between the natural and the 3rd because forcefields would be less efficient. With your robotics facility, produce an observer and immortals if there is a mass roaches, or colossus if your opponent adds hydralisks.


Against Swarm Hosts : The fastest solution but the less safe is to produce colossi two at a time as fast as possible and all-in with a huge mass of stalkers and six colossi. However, if the Zerg is playing perfectly (or at least, better than you) you shall not pass and you will have to make a transition to a flying units composition while being behind. You will have to adopt a tempest/voidray/mothership composition, keep the pressure and keep the creep far from your base with stalkers and observers. This is very important if you want to avoid being contained inside your base.


Against Ultralisk : Build three robotics facilities and a fourth base quick enough in order to have more gas. Unlock the high templar technology with psistorm. Warp 6 of them - keep them as HT's - then warp additional ones that you morph into archons. Push at 200 supply. Beware of broodlords who can totally beat you if you don't have at least three tempests. To anticipate that, send hallucinations continuously and build a stargate quickly to make a fast transition and a the fleet beacon if you see a greater spire.



Lilbow vs Tefel



  • Le PvZ de Lilbow
  • Lilbow's PvZ
fidji56 il y a 8 ans

merci Nepou

Nepou il y a 8 ans

fidji56 : Mlord est aussi à la GH et des projets sont déjà en route ! J'essaierais de voir avec lui s'il peut nous proposer un BO standard en TvZ.<br /> imData : je checke le timing et je l'ajoute. A priori c'est lorsque le bâtiment lié (forge/twilight) se fini.

fidji56 il y a 8 ans

Quand est ce qu'on aura le TvZ de Marinelord ?

imData il y a 8 ans

par contre, il faudrait mettre le timing pour lancer le +1 d'attaque et le blink

krissout il y a 8 ans

Ah c'est cool ça !<br /> <br /> Nice ce genre d'article, la prochaine fois que je joue toss je testerais :p

imData il y a 8 ans

très bon article, ça fait longtemps que je l'attendais celui là :D


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