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For this new year, we decided to turn our goals to the international scene and we are proud to present you our new Millenium team for Hearthstone, consisted of 4 players recognized on the european scene with Ekop, Sintolol, Feno and Dethelor. But we do not forget the French scene and lans with the reinforcement of Felkeine,  he was a player for Melty eSport and Awsomniac before us, but now he will play with our colors for the next competitions. From this weekend two of our players, Sintolol and Feno, will be in competition for the HCT Winter Playoffs to try to qualify for the final phase of the winter season in the Bahamas. Our 5 players will not be streamers,  because they will concentrate only on their performances in tournaments



Team Millenium Hearthstone 2017


{#de} Jan "Ekop" Palys

I have been a mainstay of Hearthstone since its inception and I'm not stopping anytime soon. On my Journey which started with DogeHouse at Fight Night, I became one of the first competitive Hearthstone players and embarked on my journey to become the best in the world.

Throughout this Journey I had numerous successes as part of DogeHouse and Cloud9, consistently performing well at the highest levels and also winning multiple big tournaments. As a highly competitive player my goal is always to win. However I also love to have fun while gaming. Hearthstone is an awesome game for that, not only because it's a card game, which I have always loved, but also because of its awesome community. I was able to meet so many new friends and now I have the pleasure to be part of a team again competing along with my friends, who share the same mindset and goals as me : Having fun, winning and becoming the best team in the world. I am looking forward to a bright future with Millenium.


Top 10 - World Ranking GosuGamers

Top 4 - SeatStory Cup VI

- Insomnia58 Truesilver

Top 4 - GameGune 2015

- Heroes of Cards 2014

- HearthStats League Invitational

- DreamHack Valencia 2014

Top Legend player every season


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{#de} Thomas "Sintolol" Zimmer

HeyGuys, my name is Thomas "Sintolol" Zimmer, 21 years old and from Germany.

Last year I decided to start my competitive journey in Hearthstone and joined northern gaming shortly after. Due to playing a lot of ladder and open cups I was able to reach EUs 2016 last call and got known for my aggressive deckchoices and will to grind endless hours. Now, with Millenium, I will be able to reach the next level and show the others out there what underground grinders are capable of. I am looking forward to represent them with the rest of the team at as many events as possible, we have a stacked roster and will show it.


- Xtra Cup

Top 8 - Last Call Europe 2016

Top 16 - DreamHack Winter 2016

Top Legend player every season


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{#fr} Théo "Felkeine" Dumont
I'm still a student and I manage to conciliate Hearthstone and going to university every day. My goal for this second part of the year with Millenium is to take part in the Summer split, because I've not played enough Open Cups in January to qualify for the Winter split and I want to remedy that. Another of my goals is to perform well on french LANs, like Montpellier's eSport Show, Gamers Assembly, etc. And finally, make a remarkable performance on the international scene, especially when Dreamhacks will be back. That last part is a big lack in my 2016 year, because I've never been convincing at this level and I want to remedy that too.

Top 115 - World Ranking GosuGamers

- Paris Games Week 2016

- ESL Summer

- Honor League 3

Top Legend player every season


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{#gr} Chris "Feno" Tsakopoulos

Hey, my name is Chris "Fenomeno" Tsakopoulos. I am a 23 year old student from Greece currently studying in the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in Patras university.

I have been playing Hearthstone since close beta but started playing professionally since last summer. I have been a miracle rogue enthusiast since beta and its by far my favorite class with over 15k wins on it. I am an aggressive player but I also really enjoy combo decks. I like playing decks that perform good in ladder and get #1 Legend with them. Outside Hearthstone i really enjoy watching Movies/TV series and I also love traveling to new places. I am super excited to join Team Millenium and hope to perform well throughout the year, having 4 excellent players as teammates will definitely help !


Top 150 - World Ranking GosuGamers

Top 8 - DreamHack Valencia 2016

Joueurs Top Légende tous les mois

Top Legend player every season


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{#gr} Dimitris "Dethelor" Theodoropoulos

Bonjour! My name is Dimitris "Dethelor" Theodoropoulos and I come from Greece. I am 24 years old and I recently got my degree in Management Science and Technology from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

I have started playing Hearthstone from the closed beta days and enjoyed early tournament success in greek lans and online cups. In October '14 I wanted to try my luck in a big tournament so I flew to Paris and played in the Gamer's Origin Cup 2, where I finished 2nd. In the past year I have spent hundreds of hours coaching Hearthstone and streaming but the thing I like most in the game is playing in LAN tournaments. Class of my choice has to be Warlock and currently favourite deck, Renolock.

Other card games I used to play before Hearthstone are Yu-gi-Oh! and Poker. Aside playing Hearthstone I also enjoy playing tennis, travelling and reading/watching stuff on the internet. I am very hyped about joining a big and professional organisation like Millenium and I am sure that 2017 will be a great year for both Millenium and me!


Top 43 - World Ranking GosuGamers

- Wombology

Top 16 - DreamHack Valencia 2016

Top 8 - WCA 2015 Europe

Top Legend player every season


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franck10 il y a 2 ans

Si je comprends bien le différent avec l'ancienne team Millenium c'était la scène eSport ? ça vous dérangeait d'avoir des showmen à la place de compétiteurs ? Bref, en tout cas ce n'est pas moi qui continuerais de vous suivre pour le coup. Comme d'habitude ça tourne autour du pognon, je suppose que faire du show au lieu d'aller chercher les thunes en compette eSport ça rapporte moins, d'où le différent ... En tout cas c'est bien ce qui ce laisse ressentir devant ce choix de stratégie.

Irphaeus il y a 2 ans

ça va pas me faire vibrer comme équipe, en plus ils ne stream pas ...


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