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Liste des mods - Maniaque des modpacks #3

Maniaque des modpacks #3
Liste des mods
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Blast Off !

FTB Modpack

4Space by Mattparks
Forge/FML by LexManos, cpw
Adventure Backpack by Darkona
AppleCore by squeek502
Applied Energistics by AlgorithX2
Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997
AromaBackup by Aroma1997
Battle Music by Mr_okushama
Baubles by Azanor
Better Title Screen by Girafi, amadornes
Botania by Vazkii
bspkrsCore by bspkrs
Buildcraft by CovertJaguar, SirSengir, Krapht, cpw, spacetoad
Buildcraft Additions by Aenterprise
Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
ChickenChunks by Chickenbones
CodeChickenCore by Chickenbones
CodeChickenLib by Chickenbones
CoFH Core by CoFH team
CoroUtil by Corosauce
Custom Chest Loot by FatherToast
Custom Stuff 2 by CubeX2
Custom Stuff 2 - Ores by karmacharger
CustomMainMenu by Lumien
DamageIndicators by rich1051414
Enchiridion by joshie
EnderIO by CrazyPants
EnderStorage by Chickenbones
Enhanced Inventories by ANIMENIAC7
EnviroMine by TimbuckTato
Eureka by AEnterprise
Ex Nihilo by Erasmus_Crowley
Extra Cells by Leonelf
Extra Utilities by RWTema
Falling Meteors Mod by AlexDGr8r
FastCraft by Player
FastLeafDecay by Olafski
Forge Multipart by Chickenbones
Funky Locomotion by RWTema
Galacticraft by Micdoodle8
Growthcraft by Gwafu
Hardcore Ender Expansion by chylex
Hardcore Questing Mode by lorddusk, Newcastlegeek, Vswe
iChunUtil by iChun
Iguana Tweaks for Tinker's Construct by boni, iguana_man
Infernal Mobs by AtomicStryker
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
ItemPhysic by CreativeMD
Kawaii Crops by kawaiiwolf
Kwasti Bust Monsters by Kwasti
Localized Weather & Stormfronts by Corosauce
Lockdown by Adubbz
LogisticsPipes by davboecki, AartBluestoke, ArtForz, GUIpsp, theZorro266
Mantle by mDiyo, progwml6
Mariculture by joshie
Mekanism by aidancbrady
MicdoodleCore by Micdoodle8
Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 by Mine_and_Blade_Admin
Minecraft Comes Alive by WildBamaBoy
MineTweaker by StanH
Mob Dismemberment by iChun
ModTweaker by joshie
MyFit by APmodS
NEI Addons by bdew
NEI Integration by Tonius
NEI Plugins by mistaqur
Not Enough Items by Chickenbones
NotEnoughCodecs by Mikeemoo
Okutils by Mr_okushama
OpenBlocks by Mikeemoo
OpenModsLib by Mikeemoo
Ore Dictionary Converter by EXTER6
Player API by Divisor
PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten
Primitive Mobs by Daveyx0
Professor Flaxbeard's Wondrous Steam Power Mod by Flaxbeard
RadixCore by WildBamaBoy
Render Player API by divisor
Resource Loader by Lumien
Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk
Ruins by AtomicStryker
Smart Moving by Divisor
Stalker Creepers by AtomicStryker
StatusEffectHUD by bspkrs
Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe
Steve's Factory Manager by Vswe
Storage Drawers by jaquadro
Sync by iChun
The Spice of Life by squeek502
TiC Tooltips by squeek502
Tinker's Construct by boni, mDiyo
Utility Mobs by FatherToast
Waila by ProfMobius
Wawla by Darkhax
Xaero's Minimap by Xaero
Yampst by bilde2910
Zombie Awareness by Corosauce
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En Continu

15:08 Deux nouveaux jeux Minecraft en développement chez Mojang
16:52 Faites semblant d'être surpris, Minecraft serait l'un des jeux les plus rentables de l'histoire
17:48 Sauvons la planète sur Minecraft !
21:53 Date de sortie Hytale : le jeu ne sortira pas avant 2023 ou plus encore
08:00 La partie 1 de la mise à jour Cavernes et Falaises est sortie sur Minecraft !
18:35 Jouer à League of Legends sur Minecraft, c'est possible !
16:41 La snapshot 21w20a sera-t-elle la dernière avant la Caves and Cliffs update partie 1 sur Minecraft ?
18:00 Les chèvres attaquent sur Minecraft avec la snapshot 21w18a !
20:08 Le cuivre drop plus d'items avec la snapshot 21w17a sur Minecracft !
00:10 La snapshot 21w16a de Minecraft introduit de grandes veines de minerais !



A la découverte de l'update 1.16 de Minecraft
Comment changer son skin Minecraft
Les Poulpes lumineux arrivent pour éclairer les profondeurs avec la mise à jour Minecraft 1.17 !


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